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I'll Have The Same

A Bad Breakfast

Thrown Out The Window

The Night Watchman

House Hunting

You Can't Take It With You

Bubba & The Blonde

Medical Mishap

A Kind Word

The Silent Ride

Happiness & Longevity

Blondes Go Fishing

The Gender Of Things

The Big Crash

Hot & Cold

Get Good At Ice Fishing

Pull The Plug

0 To 200 Fast!

Buying A Coke

PMS Defined

Eve Is So Dumb

Jokes, Song, Sad Stories

Thanks For The Emails

Are You Sane?

Never Tick Off A Nurse

Helping The Homeless

The New Disease

Some Guys Are Slow

Hi Tech Supermarket

Wishes Granted

25 Years In The Parish

She Caressed His Face

American Healthcare

He Snores So Loud

Fitness For Seniors

He Shouldn't Cut Wood

Planting The Lettuce

To Catch A Drunk

The Shoplifter's Woes

The Life Of Riley

Dealing With Criminals

The Box In The Road

Spreading Her Ashes

Going The Wrong Way

To Be Forgetful

Movies Have Changed

What Hearing Loss?

Dental Screams

Truth About Marriage

An Honest Lawyer

Stupidity Reigns

Made In Japan

Gone Belly Up

The Bad Chainsaw

You Are Really Ugly

The Closest Shave

Juggling Knives

The Religious Accident

Lost In The Park

Home Vs. Prison

The Art Collector

Father & The Fig Leaf

Drinks For Everyone

Stupid People


Videos & Ecards

Salsa Granny Video newbox-blue.gif (827 bytes)

Freeze Flash Video newbox-red.gif (827 bytes)

Deal Or No Deal Videonewbox-blue.gif (827 bytes)

New Use For Duct Tape Fun Pic newbox-red.gif (827 bytes)

Open For Business Fun Pic newbox-blue.gif (827 bytes)

The Bicycle Prayer Fun Pic newbox-red.gif (827 bytes)

Racist Recycling Fun Pic newbox-blue.gif (827 bytes)

Save Energy Fun Pic newbox-red.gif (827 bytes)

Just Stop Singing Fun Pic newbox-blue.gif (827 bytes)

Stop The Chewing Fun Pic newbox-red.gif (827 bytes)

The Package Fun Pic newbox-blue.gif (827 bytes)

In West Virginia... Fun Pic newbox-red.gif (827 bytes)

The Merengue Dog Video

Noah Doesn't Like Me Fun Pic

Mother Of The Year Fun Pic

Bad Passwords Fun Pic

Pug Attack Video

Crazy Cheerleader Video

World's Worst Police Dog Video

Keyboard Cat Video

Arguing With A Woman Fun Pic

Happy Jeep Fun Pic

How To Cheat Fun Pic

Humiliation Fun Pic

Former Honor Student Fun Pic

Kids Today Fun Pic

Kitty Says No Fun Pic

What America Looks Like Fun Pic

The Young Guitarist Video

Baby Samba Video

The Amazing Pianist Video

Cat & The Box Video

God & Dog Video

Trolololo Video

Awesome Dad Fun Pic

Being British Fun Pic

Kids Today Fun Pic

The Blonde Lexus Fun Pic

Every 20 Seconds Fun Pic

Hanging Around Fun Pic

Don't Steal From Wal-Mart Fun Pic

In Good Hands Fun Pic

Puppy Yoga Fun Pic

The Running Blondes Fun Pic

Biden's Look-A-Like Fun Pic

Smell Like A Monster Video

Having A Bad Day? Fun Pic

The Monk's Tattoo Video

The Boyfriend Remote Video

It's Just A Few Needles Video

Mr. Bean Goes Swimming Video

Awesome Parking Fun Pic

Donut Seeds Fun Pic

Face Plant Fun Pic

Really Too Drunk Fun Pic

Honk If You Love Jesus Fun Pic  

If God Made Everything Fun Pic

Nothing To Do? Fun Pic

I Need More Paper Fun Pic

The Crazy Song Video

Noisy Porta Potty Video

Wizard Of Oz In Florida Video

Flying Squirrels Video

I Had To Get There Fun Pic

Understand Women? Fun Pic

We're Watching You Fun Pic


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Hotdog Hotshot

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Catwalk Countdown



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